Business Policies

Office Hours

My office hours are Monday thru Friday 9 am – 5PM Sydney time. If you need assistance outside of normal business hours, please let me know and I will accommodate you as best as I can.

I am available to chat on these times –


The best way to reach me is via email and facebook PM and expect a response from me within 24 hours. You can also send me messages on Skype. Call and meetings should be scheduled at least 2 days prior and are non-billable up to 20 minutes.

I will respond to all requests within 24 hours to confirm receipt and if needed, provide an estimate and timeline for completion for the task/project.

If the request is received during either a holiday or weekend, I will respond before the close of business the following workday.

Email address is

Status Meetings

I recommend we meet either weekly or bi-weekly for a quick status meeting to discuss outstanding tasks, priorities and any issues.

Holiday Schedule

I observe the following holidays: (Philippine Holidays)

  • New Years
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • I take days off on family occasions such as birthdays, anniversary etc…

I will notify you 1 week before date to let you know if I will be available.


I will provide you with a three (3) week notice prior to any vacation time.


  • There is a 10 hours minimum for prepaid plans.
  • I track and charge by the minute.

I offer the following types of contracts:

  • Prepaid – available in 10, 15, and 20 hours, hours are consumable for 3 months
  • Fixed Price – 50% deposit required to begin project with remaining 50% due upon completion prior to delivery. Each individual project will be estimated based on the work involved.
  • Hourly – Projects on hourly basis are invoiced every 30th of the month.


  • I use Avaza Invoice for time tracking and invoicing.
  • Fixed price projects and one-off tasks will be billed 50% upfront
  • Amounts are paid in USD
  • Packages and Prepaid are billed upfront as well.


  • Prepaid is due on receipt.

Payments: Accepted payment method:

  • Paypal
  • Xoom

Past due payments:

  • Services cease after 15 days past due.

Tasks – Projects

Turnaround Time and Scheduling of tasks: I work with my clients to determine the estimated completion for their tasks or projects based on their needs and priorities and the requirements of the tasks/project. My average turnaround time on tasks is 72 business hours or depending on what is agreed upon.

Projects: I estimate individual projects and packages based on the work involved.

Status Reports: Weekly status reports are available to each client by the close of business on Fridays upon request.

I use Avaza for tracking all projects and tasks. Clients can send me an invite or add me to the project management of their choice.


I want my clients to be comfortable and secure knowing their information is safe with me. My computer, laptop and mobile device use anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall protection. The virus and spyware software is updated on a monthly basis to ensure I have the latest available version. Our wireless router is encrypted and requires a password to access.

I backup my systems on a weekly basis to an external hard drive in case of a system failure; including all cloud based applications.


When I take on a new client, there may be training involved in the transition from a previous VA or to learn your systems and processes. The first hour of training time is on me, any additional time after the first hour is billable time billed at your invoice or added in your retainer hours.


I will make sure that the client is clearly informed before I delegate any task and that delegated tasks will still be supervised. I will do the proofing and quality check myself before delivery to ensure quality. My team members sign NDA and confidentiality agreements to protect all your confidential information.


I use the following tools in my business and will gladly provide training to you on any of them at my expense.

  • AVAZA, Trello, Asana and Basecamp – these are what I use for task management and I encourage clients to use it for communication on tasks and projects, to add their own tasks, add files that are relevant to projects, etc.
  • Drop Box – sharing project/tasks files.
  • Zoom – meetings and trainings
  • Skype – chatting and training
  • Slack – communication
  • Microsoft Office – team communication
  • Hello-Sign – electric signing contracts
  • LastPass – Password sharing
  • Evernote – note taking
  • Microsoft Office and Google Docs – document creation

Client Information

  • I use LastPass to store all your passwords.


  • I will maintain the highest ethics and honesty in all dealings with clients, colleagues and the general public.
  • I will seek to deal with colleagues, suppliers and employees in a fair and equitable manner, and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct.
  • I will only take on projects that are within my abilities. If a project is not within my ability, the client will be notified immediately and I will provide recommendations for other highly skilled Virtual Assistants.
  • Client information will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with others or used for personal gain.
  • I highly value each client relationship and will not place one client above another.
  • I will make a commitment to possess and increase the required knowledge, skills and training to be proficient and relevant in the provision of services.
  • I will be honest about my intentions and never misrepresent my skills, peers, or my profession as a whole, whether to networks or to prospects, clients, and the community at large (virtual or otherwise).
  • I will not knowingly be a part of any illegal or unethical activity.
  • I will promote the Virtual Assistance industry with the utmost professionalism.


Referrals will be very much appreciated! There will be a 5% discount for every successful referral that will end up as a new client!

Moving On

If ever you decide to end working together or choose to work with another VA I will give you 5 business days to download your files in a shared DropBox/Google drive folder. I will offer 30 minutes of my time to make a smooth transition and answer any questions.

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