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A Virtual Assistant with five years of experience, I started working online back in 2013, where I worked on a variety of projects such as transcription, telemarketing and customer service. I supported clients in different business and industries.

I have discovered that my brilliance is my ability to adapt, learn quick and figure things on my own. I love learning new things and develop new skills. I am big on asking questions, especially when in doubt before situations get out of hand and avoid things to get far in the wrong direction. I have no shame in asking for help if I need it.

Being able to work with excellent and brilliant people is what I love most about what I do. From my colleagues and clients, they have played a massive part in my VA career.

If you need design work, Emma is the girl!!! She designed a prize-winning IG story ads for me! I won a challenge I was in using her designwork!

Elies Hadi

Elies Hadi

Emma is a delightful, organised and diligent member of my team and I love having her on my team. Nothing is too much trouble.

Carolyn Ledowsky

MTHFR Support Australia

She picks up technical skills fast, is very quick and very organised. She’s got brilliant processes herself and is a fantastic allrounder. She’s a brilliant and valuable member of our team.

Cath Hughes

Phase Creative

Virtual Assistant | Emma Gineta

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