Reflecting on the year that passed…and WOW what a ride..

And so 2017 is over and 2018 here we are! Its been a wonderful..awesome..and fun 2018 working with great people!!!



My Virtual Assistant business has totally bloomed and grown this year. I’ve learned a lot and discovered a whole lot of new things… most specially about my self and my work ethics.

I’m so grateful to those who complimented me and thanked me for doing great at what I do..

…but I am most grateful to those who had been honest and sincere on their criticism, it made me sad that I had disappointed.. As I earned new clients I also lost some.

I honestly believe I failed on some things this year.. I wish I was better at managing and organising everything. (I also had a few more extra lazy days than I should and I hate myself, not happy at all!!!)

I thought I was ready for the change that happened.. I used to work with just a couple of clients and when the list grew… I was all over the place.. thankfully I managed but yes I could have done better..

So THIS YEAR and now I know where I failed I plan on working at it, take action and make sure I will be a better version and hold myself accountable for my goals this year!

My #1 #Goal for 2018 is to be the of myself that I can BE for the LIFE I want to LIVE.. not just for myself but for the people who trust and believes in ME..


Thanks to THE guy up there who always bless me with the best things I am not even sure I deserve..


Emma Gineta is a a Filipino Virtual Assistant who works with heart-centered and fun-loving entrepreneurs and business owners to help them spend TIME wisely, focus on growing the business and do their Brilliance.