Virtual Assistant Hiring Kit


Finding a Virtual Assistant can be an overwhelming task; like any other things, hiring a VA involves planning and you need to be organized to get the best results.

Get this guide now and save yourself time on research and going around without any clue where to start! This kit have everything you need to find, screen and work with a virtual assistant!



In this guide you will learn:

  • What is a virtual assistant?
  • What are the different kinds and types of VA’s?
  • Where can you find them.
  • How to hire.
  • How to work with them.

You will get these templates:

  • VA Hiring Planner/Worksheet
  • VA Interview Questionnaire
  • Independent Contractor Agreement

I’ve decided to throw in some bonus!

  • Timesheet Template
  • List of task you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant


Emma Gineta is a a Filipino Virtual Assistant who works with heart-centered and fun-loving entrepreneurs and business owners to help them spend TIME wisely, focus on growing the business and do their Brilliance.