Very Busy Prepaid Plan


This plan will put 15 hours credit on your account consumable in 3 months!



This plan is for you if:

  • You want to keep in your budget.
  • You want to hand-off on going tasks that needs to be done on a regular basis that doesn’t necessarily need your attention.
  • Business is awesome but starting to become stressful.
  • You want to maximize the use of your time on more important things.

How it works.

  • I will get notified when a payment is made.
  • Wait for an email with your official receipt.
  • You can begin sending me your request!
  • Receive a report every week of hours used and tasked performed.


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Emma Gineta is a a Filipino Virtual Assistant who works with heart-centered and fun-loving entrepreneurs and business owners to help them spend TIME wisely, focus on growing the business and do their Brilliance.