Stock photos can be quite expensive and finding FREE ones is so hard with all the fraudulent websites out there claiming their photos are free, only to ask for your credit card details before you can download any of their photos.

Where to Find Amazing 100% FREE for Commercial Use Photos | Emma Gineta | Filipino Virtual Assistant

Finding FREE photos for my clients to use in their blogs and social media makes them really happy. There are lots of amazing FREE photos you can download out there you just need to be really good at finding them.

In my 3 years as a virtual assistant finding photos is common task and so now I have a list of my favorite websites for downloading free for commercial use photos. This quick blog post is to share my list with links to these amazing websites where I download FREE photos for my clients and my own projects.

… Oh and these all fall under CREATIVE COMMONS ZERO license which means you can do whatever you want with the images even for commercial use without having to ask permission or provide attribution! Ha! how amazing is that!

NOTE: Some of them ask for donations, you can choose not to but hey I think a small amount doesn’t hurt right?!

Top 20 Sites with amazing FREE photos for your blog and website.

1. Picjumbo
2. Pixabay
3. Unsplash
4. Realistic shots
5. Gratisography
6. Free Nature stocks
7. Magdeleine
8. Life of Pix
9. Snapwire snaps
10. Stocksnaps
11. Kaboompics
12. Public Domain Archive
13. Travel Coffee Book
14. Foodies Feed
15. Furious Camera
16. Jay Mantri
17. Cupcake
18. Startup Stock

REMEMBER!!! Please always do your research and make sure you read the license page before using any image to ensure that it allows whatever you want to do with the images. Never forget to ask for permission when using someone else’s property in the web, give credits and link back when appropriate.

Emma Gineta is a a Filipino Virtual Assistant who works with heart-centered and fun-loving entrepreneurs and business owners to help them spend TIME wisely, focus on growing the business and do their Brilliance.