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I created this website for people who need help with their business and want to free up more TIME to do the things they enjoy, spend with love ones, pursue their passion, build a successful business and focus on their brilliance!

WHO AM I… and why work with me?

Hi there! My name is Emmarienelle but you can call me Emma and I am absolutely excited to meet you!

I am a work at home mom from here in the Philippines and to help you get to now me a bit better I have listed below some random and somewhat embarrassing things about me 🙂

  1. I am a fun person and very easy to go with.
  2. I tend to be shy at first, but easily gets comfortable with people.
  3. I love making friends and meeting new people.
  4. I enjoy good jokes and love to laugh.
  5. I cry very easily.
  6. I have low tolerance to pain.
  7. I enjoy grocery shopping.
  8. I fell in an open sewer when I was 1 yr old during my birthday. I was covered in drainage water!
  9. I am scared to death of needles.
  10. I am a home-buddy but I do love to go out and travel with my family sometimes.
  11. I am happier and more relaxed when at home reading books or watching my favorite movies.
  12. I can’t decide my favorite book.
  13. I can’t decide my favorite movie either.
  14. I love to cook.
  15. I am very talkative!
  16. I stutter when I am nervous.
  17. I have a bad temper.
  18. Chocoholic and Coffee addict 🙂
  19. I have a niece who lives with me that I love so much! if we ever talk and you hear me mention a “daughter” it means her and we call her Pretty – that’s her nickname!

WORK EXPERIENCE… boring alert!!!

A Virtual Assistant with 3 years of experience in supporting clients with all aspects of the admin function. I started working online back in 2013 where I worked on a variety of projects such as transcription, telemarketing and customer service. I supported clients in different business and industries.

I spent the last three years developing my skills in WordPress and General Administration, to assist online business owners and entrepreneurs with the back-end side of their business. To help them with their everyday tasks, to-do lists and anything that is repetitive and mundane.

I have discovered that my brilliance is my ability to adapt, learn quick and figure things on my own. I love learning new things and improving my skills. I am big on asking questions especially when in doubt before situations get out of hand and avoid things to get far on a wrong direction.  I have no shame in asking for help if I need it.

On the other hand, I tend to get distracted easily and loose focus this is my weakness, something pops in my mind and gets my attention I totally forget what I was doing before that! so I make sure that I don’t think of anything else when I am working.

Being able to work with awesome and brilliant people is what I love most about what I do.. from my colleagues and clients, they have played a huge part in my VA career. They helped me develop my skills and Improve myself. I have the best clients ever and they are equally awesome in what they do. I am just so GRATEFUL!

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